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Now available XBOX One & the Windows Store!

Coming Soon to STEAM 2019.

 OMBRA is a re-imagined shoot ‘em up where you can kill enemies utilizing the environment’s shadows. Guard the tomb relic against hordes of enemies all while keeping your light alive. Choose between endless or wave game modes to test your skill and compare your scores against your friends.

OMBRA: Welcome


Stoa Games was created by two graduate students from Drexel University's Digital Media program, Jennifer Villareale and Maxwell Madonna. After prototyping a few games together for class, they decided to team up to create their own studio and their very first title, Ombra. With the help of Drexel's Entrepreneurial Game Studio (EGS), Ombra was chosen to be apart of Xbox Live's Creators Program and will be launching on Xbox One and the Microsoft Store.

Jen and Max are excited to showcase their work and plan on continuing to develop Ombra and more games in the future.

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